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Tighten and tone sagging skin and muscles around the neck

Starting in our 40s, the effects of age, sun exposure, and general stresses start to become apparent in our necks. The neck lift procedure is designed to try to reverse these changes and give the neck a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Loose and sagging skin in the neck is difficult to treat with non-surgical methods. A neck lift helps to improve the contour of the jawline and slim the neck, giving a more youthful appearance. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a face lift. Some of the main benefits of this procedure are that it tightens skin and muscle in the neck, greatly improves your neck contour and jawline, removes unwanted double chin fat, and provides you with a more youthful profile.

Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

If you notice that your neck skin is sagging, or that you have vertical bands in your neck, then a neck lift may be the right procedure to help rejuvenate your appearance. If sagging and laxity are limited to the neck area, a neck lift may be all that is required. This procedure involves an incision under the chin, through which the excess fat is removed and the neck muscles are tightened. Excess skin also may be trimmed away to create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

A neck lift may be right for you if:

  • You feel you have a fat neck or double chin
  • Have lost the definition of your jaw line and you want it restored
  • Have excess skin bands, wrinkles, creases in your neck

There is a large amount of information to review during a neck lift consultation. Dr. Dawes will usually spend approximately an hour with you during this consultation to go over all of the surgical details and options prior to creating a custom surgical plan for you that addresses all of your concerns and goals. He will go over risks and complications and give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery.

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How a Neck Lift is performed:

A neck Lift is performed to enhance the overall contour of the neck by removing excess skin and fat. Neck lifts are sometimes performed in conjunction with facelift procedures or liposuction in order to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Dawes’ approach provides excellent results with minimal scarring. The incision begins in a natural crease in front of the ear lobe, extending around the back of the ear and into the hairline.

Recovery Expectations

You may experience a feeling of numbness around the incisions. This is normal and may persist for weeks to months. Swelling normally subsides after three weeks, but can occasionally persist longer. Bruising may be extensive. It will be worst at 3-4 days post and may persist for up to 3 weeks. You will need to avoid prolonged exposure to sun and heat for three months to prevent swelling of your face. Your compression garment should be worn full-time for two weeks following your surgery.

Neck Lift FAQs

Dr. Dawes’ neck lift procedure will remove excess hanging skin from the neck and jawline, restore definition at the jawline, and smooth wrinkles on the neck to provide a more youthful contour.

Yes, a neck lift is often combined with a facelift, brow lift, dermal fillers, eyelid surgery, or laser resurfacing.

Recovery varies from patient to patient, and depends on the extent of the face lift procedure you choose. After your outpatient procedure, you will leave our surgery centre with your head and neck lightly wrapped in dressings, which are usually removed the next day. Most patients find that their discomfort is easily managed with oral medications. You will have some swelling and bruising, and sutures that will be removed approximately 10 days after surgery. Swelling usually subsides after three weeks, but can occasionally persist longer. Bruising may be extensive. It will be worst 3-4 days and may persist for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and heat for three months to prevent swelling of your face.

Usually, patients can return to work within one to two weeks following neck lift surgery. Recovery time can vary depending on the specifics of the surgery and the patient.

You may resume gentle activity one to two weeks following your neck lift surgery. More vigorous types of exercise can begin once Dr. Dawes tells you it is safe - Generally within 3 weeks.

Each surgery is unique and will be tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Due to the natural aging process, results will not last forever. With proper after care and a healthy lifestyle, your results will last much longer. 8-10 years is the typical duration.

Incisions for a neck lift are placed around the front of the earlobe, and then into the hairline at the back behind the ears. The technique is a scar which begins in a natural crease in front of the ear lobe, extending around the back of the ear and into the hairline.

This procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia.

It is important to note that neck lift surgery does not stop the ageing process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen are strongly recommended to help patients get the most longevity out of their surgery results.

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