Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with Augmentation

A breast lift with augmentation, also known as augmentation mastopexy, is a procedure that combines two of the most popular breast enhancement surgeries to add volume, reshape, and lift the breasts. Aging, pregnancy, genetics, and weight fluctuation can all contribute to sagging breast tissue and loss of fullness in the upper breast, leading to a “deflated” appearance. By removing excess skin, lifting the breast tissue, and increasing breast fullness with the placement of an implant, a breast lift with augmentation surgery can create a youthful, shapely breast contour. You and Dr. Dawes will work together to choose which technique will work best for your breast size, shape, and position.

During your personalized consultation with Dr. Dawes, he will make breast implant recommendations based on your natural anatomy and desired outcome. In addition to size, you will need to decide what type of implant best suits your needs.

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What are the risks?

Although rare, risks of surgery include capsular contracture, which may necessitate additional surgery to release the scar or removal of the implant. Your implant may need to be removed if it ruptures. Most breast lift with augmentation scars are visible on the bare breast, but are easily hidden by clothing. Some lifting techniques hide the scars in inconspicuous areas, though not everyone is a candidate for this type of procedure and Dr. Dawes will need to evaluate your breasts and goals. Other risks include infection, bleeding, malposition of the breast implant, implant rippling or palpability, and permanently altered nipple sensation.

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“My role, in part, is to assist patients through the process of determining which surgical or non-surgical options would help them meet their aesthetic goals and realistic expectations”

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