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Rejuvanalysis™ is a comprehensive anti-aging consultation to evaluate the status of your skin and to create an individualized program that is specific to your needs and requirements.

Without professional guidance, it is often difficult to know where to start to achieve a healthy, beautiful look. Rejuvanalysis™ is our flagship anti-aging program developed by Dr. Dawes. It is a scientific, comprehensive and longitudinal process designed to evaluate the status of your skin with its underlying structure and to provide you with staged, time-spanning non-surgical and/or surgical solutions for the correction of facial aging – to help you achieve and then stay your most Beautiful. Natural. You.

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Rejuvanalysis™ was developed by Dr. Dawes as a scientific, comprehensive and longitudinal consultation to help and provide individuals with lifelong solutions for facial aging. This evaluation is not limited to non-invasive procedures alone, but includes all available options on a continuum of increasing;

  • Scietific
  • Comprehensive
  • Longitudinal

1. Scientific

The ‘analysis’ portion of your Rejuvanalysis™ consultation is grounded in the principles of BeautiPHIcation™ – a revolutionary approach to non-surgical facial enhancement developed by Dr. Arthur Swift and Dr. Kent Remington. BeautiPHIcation™ utilizes Leonardo Da Vinci’s mathematical principle of beauty and harmony through “divine” proportion. It represents a medical application of the idea that true beauty is a universal law, using the mathematical concept of “phi” – the Golden Ratio of 1:1.618 that is abundant both in nature as well as ancient architecture.

A specialized caliper, similar to the one used by Da Vinci himself, is used to help enhance features and restore contours in a way that is precise and helps to restore or create facial symmetry, harmony and balance.

2. Comprehensive

Your comprehensive consultation will include a skin assessment using the VISIA™ Complexion Analysis photography system. The VISIA™ system uses multi-spectral imaging and computer analysis to provide a clear multi-dimensional snap-shot of your skin, capturing key visual information for six areas affecting health and appearance:

  • Wrinkles
  • Spots
  • Pores
  • Evenness (color variation in skin tone)
  • UV spots (photodamage)
  • Porphyrins (bacteria in pores)

The VISIA™ system further provides an informative comparison of your complexion characteristics as compared to other women of similar age and ethnicity. The resulting information assists our skin care experts in designing an individualized skin health program including a home skin care program, skin rejuvenation treatments and lifestyle choices best suited to your skin. Analysis reports and photographs are kept on file to allow us to monitor your progress.

3. Longitudinal

Facial aging is a process involving three main factors. These include the wrinkling skin, vertical descent of the facial tissue and volume shifts of facial fat and underlying structural support. Every patient is different and single approach to facial aging is impractical, if not impossible. One patient, for example, may only require neuromodulators and dermal fillers to address their concerns, while another may require laser skin resurfacing to help address wrinkles with a customized skin care regime. Others still, may be beyond what dermal fillers can reasonably achieve and find themselves in need of a facelift +/- fat transfer instead of or in addition to the above solutions. Regardless of a patients needs, detailed records along with photographs are kept to allow for serial evaluation over months and years. This provides Dr. Dawes with longitudinal information to help him to change your facial aging management plan as you age – to help you to continue to achieve the most Beautiful. Natural. You. Always.

What Is Rejuvanalysis?

Rejuvanalysis is a special anti-aging program that was developed by Dr. Dawes. There are three processes that make up this program: scientific, comprehensive, and longitudinal. The scientific portion involves doing a thorough analysis of the quality of your skin. The comprehensive portion is when your skin is assessed using a VISIA Complexion Analysis photography system. 

This technology uses multi-spectral imaging and computer analysis to create an in-depth photo of your skin. The picture taken will capture key areas that may need treatment.

Here is what the VISIA Complexion Analysis looks for:

  • Your pore cleanliness and size.
  • Areas of hyperpigmentation.
  • Wrinkles.
  • The color variation of your skin.
  • UV spots.
  • Porphyrins, which is bacteria located within your pores. 

As for the longitudinal process, this is when Dr. Dawes keeps detailed records of the necessary information to effectively construct your facial aging management plan. 

Is Rejuvanalysis Safe?

Yes, rejuvanalysis is safe for people of all skin types. It is a specialized, more in-depth variation of a consultation. This is to help Dr. Dawes prevent the symptoms of aging and ensure you look your best. Whether you have dry or oily skin, or you are suffering from a condition, such as severe acne, Rejuvanalysis can ensure you have the right treatment plan. 

What Are the Benefits of Rejuvanalysis?

Rejuvanalysis comes with a variety of benefits that patients of all skin types can enjoy.

These benefits include the following:

  • More personalized skin care. 
  • Customized anti-aging treatments.
  • Enduring skin elasticity and fewer wrinkles.
  • A deeper look into your skin’s integrity. 

It is important to bear in mind that everyone’s skin is different. As such, you may not receive the same plan as other patients might. For example, some people may require laser treatment while you might not be an ideal candidate for it. 

What Conditions Can Rejuvanalysis Help With? 

Rejuvanalysis can help you and Dr. Dawes better understand what skin conditions you currently have. This is mainly thanks to the VISIA™ system’s in-depth photos that are taken. Rejuvanalysis provides more insight into your skin’s infrastructure, which makes it easier for Dr. Dawes to treat wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne, and skin irritation. 

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