SkinCeuticals Advanced Facials

The SkinCeuticals Advanced Skincare facials are an integral part of achieving optimal skin health and appearance. These exclusive facial treatments utilize medical-grade products customized for the treatment of your skin. Feel your skin transform as our expert professional staff perform a deep cleanse, followed by exfoliation, a detoxifying steam, extractions, a tranquil massage and a customized mask – all tailored to your own skin needs. We then finish with medical-grade professional skin care products most appropriate for your skin type. You will leave our office with glowing skin, feeling clean, hydrated and refreshed.

SkinCeuticals Facial and Gel Peel

SkinCeuticals has developed integrated professional skincare treatments with step-by-step protocols to help address specific skincare needs and deliver optimal, tailored results. At the core of these is the Gel Peel. The SkinCeuticals Gel Peel combines 20% gycolic acid and 10% lactic acid to help target discoloration, skin tone, radiance, fine lines/wrinkles and pore congestion without over-drying the skin.

After your treatment, Our Registered Nurse/ Skin Care Expert can go over the medical grade skin care products best suited for your skin type. Allowing you to have continued results at home.

This treatment takes about 60 mins and your skin will feel smooth and supple, leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow. Our patients rave about the gel peel treatment, which is gentle enough to have done even just days before a big event!

Facials Offered

  • SkinCeuticals Facial with Gel Peel
  • SkinCeuticals Anti-aging Facial (for laxity, dry/dehydrated skin, wrinkles and fine lines)
  • SkinCeuticals Radiance Brightening Facial (for an overall brightening effect, great for dull skin)
  • SkinCeuticals Discoloration Facial (for blotchiness and tonal irregularities)
  • SkinCeuticals Acne Facial (for clarifying and calming acne-prone or congested skin)
  • Steam and Extract (Express Facial to help relieve congested skin)

Facial FAQs

Why are facials important?
You exercise often, you eat right and you go to the dentist for regular cleanings, so why wouldn’t you take care of your skin? As with most other beauty and health matters, facials help prevent and treat common problems. Facials are important because they keep on top of things that happen seasonally. Take the spring/summer season, for example; When the weather warms up a bit, skin can get oilier and create breakouts. Facials can help with these and many other skin ailments.
What are the benefits?
Facials are credited with smoother texture, improved hydration, a glowing complexion, fewer breakouts and firmer skin.
How often should you get one?
Your facial routine will depend on your skin type, we recommend once a month if you can manage it: For dry skin or dehydrated skin it is more important to be diligent in winter more than summer. In summer it is more important for oily skin to get facials. Facials can reduce problems for almost everyone.
What to know before you go
Facials are relaxing and good for you, but there can be a few uncomfortable moments in the process. But don’t worry, they’ll be well worth it in the end. One seemingly unpleasant part: Extractions, when your clinician deep cleans your pores. There’s a reason you shouldn’t pick at your skin at home; extractions should only be done by a trained professional esthetician. With the use of a magnifying lens, Our Registered Nurse/ Skin Care Expert removes debris from the pore with the right pressure and at the right angle for optimal results. This ensures debris is not further impacted in the process of removal. The skin is properly prepared and softened for successful extraction. If it’s not ready it’s not ready. Premature extraction can cause scarring. Only a well-trained clinician will know that. Another thing to consider: there’s some redness that follows a facial. But don’t worry, it’ll go away in about a day!

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