The skin is the largest organ on the human body, and it is the most exposed. Our skin is on the front line of protecting us from the radiation of the sun, and it shows in aging skin, skin cancer lesions, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other damage.

Dr. Dawes offers an assortment of non-surgical (with the exception of Mohs surgery) treatments and procedures for taking care of your skin. You can find a brief description of what we offer here, and then you can link to the more detailed descriptions on the individual pages.

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Patient Testimonial

"Christy did a Laser treatment called a halo on my face and neck. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. My face was red for a few days and the end result is amazing. My pore size has reduced, my skin tone looks even and it has a beautiful glow. Now I don’t wear any foundation and my skin looks incredible. I highly recommend a Halo by Christy." - K.C.

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Your skin is a very important part of you body, covering and protecting you from the outside elements. Keeping it healthy should be part of you daily routine.

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

Mohs micrographic surgery is the most effective surgical method for removing skin cancer lesions. In Mohs surgery, Dr. Dawes removes the lesion, and the outer ring of tissue is immediately tested for any remaining cancer cells. While the sample is being tested, the patient remains on site with a temporary bandage in place. If additional cells are found, another ring is taken, and the process is repeated until the margins are clear.

Mohs has an amazing cure rate of over 99 percent of skin cancers that were not previously treated. Dr. Dawes is one of only a handful of trained Mohs dermatologic surgeons in Canada.


Rejuvanalysis™ is a comprehensive skin consultation to address the effects of aging. This innovative skin examination was developed by Dr. Dawes and is scientific, comprehensive, and longitudinal in nature.

Professional Skin Care

Our skin care experts examine your skin and provide recommendations for the various professional skin care product lines we offer based on your individual skin type. Your skin will love these products!


Because we love your skin, Dr. Dawes offers five different facials, each with different goals and products. Each facial is 60 minutes long and ultimately relaxing.

Chemical Peels

Everyone knows that exfoliation is the key to vibrant, healthy-looking skin. Our two chemical peels do just that. Our Skin First peels are sold as a package of two peels. Our Good Things Take Time peels are sold as a package of six peels. Both packages effectively use different peeling agents to give your skin the exfoliation boost it needs to look its best.

Botox / Xeomin

Dr. Dawes offers these two neuromodulators. Botox® and Xeomin® erase lines and wrinkles on the upper third of the face, the expressive area, by relaxing the muscles beneath the wrinkles. These form lines and creases when we make certain expressions. Botox® has some additional proteins in its formulation, while Xeomin® is only the botulinum toxin (hence its nickname as the “Naked Neuromodulator”).

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Dawes provides an assortment of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to address lines and areas of volume loss from below the eyes down to the mouth area. Each filler has a different target area, such as smile lines, sunken cheeks, or lip augmentation. When injected, the hyaluronic acid in these fillers instantly binds with nearby water molecules, hydrating, plumping, and firming the skin and erasing the line or returning volume.

Sciton Laser Treatments

We offer various treatments using our Sciton laser platform. They can target pigmentation issues on the surface skin, such as age spots and hyperpigmented areas; or they can work more deeply in the dermis layer of the skin to trigger the body to produce new amounts of collagen and elastin to thicken and improve the skin.


You may have heard of Belkyra® by another name, Kybella®, as it is known in the U.S. In Canada, the product is named Belkyra®. It is an injection with the active ingredient of deoxycholic acid that is made into the area under the chin where most of us have some degree of a dreaded double chin. The deoxycholic acid in Belkyra® attacks the fat that has accumulated to create your double chin, and it slims your profile permanently.

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“My role, in part, is to assist patients through the process of determining which surgical or non-surgical options would help them meet their aesthetic goals and realistic expectations” - Jeffrey C. Dawes MD, FRCSC


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