Nipple/Areola Reduction

The nipples and dark area surrounding them, known as the areolae, are primary features of your breasts. The size and shape of your nipples and areolae contribute greatly to the overall appearance of your breasts. Whether due to genetics, trauma, aging or breastfeeding, your areolae and nipples may be too large, disproportionate, misshapen or asymmetric. These are some issues you may have:

  • long nipples
  • droopy nipples
  • enlarged areolae
  • puffy areolae

All of these issues can be corrected with nipple and areola reduction surgery. Your areolae and nipples can be reduced in size and/or modified to improve their shape so they appear more balanced. If asymmetry exists, it’s fine to have just one side treated to balance things out. Dr. Dawes will discuss your natural breast size/shape, your preferred look and what improvement would achieve the most proportionate result.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is administered. Your procedure will take about an hour or so. An incision is made in the nipple, or around the areola. Excess tissue is removed through this incision. Permanent sutures are placed and the incision is closed and dressed.

Recovering From Your Surgery

  • Restrictions on activity
  • Some swelling, bruising and numbness for a few weeks
  • Results are visible in a couple of months

Your surgery is performed under local anesthetic. That means you won’t feel any side effects related to general anesthesia, such as nausea and dizziness. The majority of swelling and bruising should disappear within a couple of weeks. It’s important to know that one breast may heal faster than the other. Don’t be alarmed if this happens. Residual swelling can last a couple of months. Any numbness and tingling sensations should go away as the swelling subsides. You should be able to get back to work in a day or two, but make sure you avoid strenuous activity for at least three weeks.

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