Inverted Nipple Correction in Calgary

Inverted nipples are very common. They occur when the nipple does not project normally because the ducts leading to the nipple are overly tight. This causes the nipple to be pulled into the surrounding areola. In severe cases, there may even be a depression at the centre of the areola. Inverted nipples may make it difficult or impossible to breastfeed because the nursing baby cannot latch onto the breast and bring the nipple into its mouth. In rare cases this condition may also occur in men.

Is Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery Right for Me?

Inverted nipples can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure. This minor procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic, although some patients prefer to be totally asleep under a general anesthetic. In either case there is no pain during the procedure. In this operation a tiny, 2 mm incision is placed along the edge of the nipple. The overly tight ducts, which are the cause of the inversion, are then gently released. This allows the nipple to immediately project normally.

How the Inverted Nipple Procedure is performed:

This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Dr. Dawes will make a small incision at the base of the nipple and cut through the shortened milk ducts. The milk ducts are released from the nipple and can no longer pull the nipple inwards. Dr. Dawes will place sutures beneath the nipple to prevent re-occurrence.

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Recovery Expectations

After undergoing inverted nipple correction, patients can see the improvement right away. A single small absorbable stitch is then placed along the edge of the incision. The suture dissolves in about a week. Recovery following inverted nipple correction is very simple and patients may return to work the following day but should take about 2 weeks before engaging in any vigorous exercise.

Inverted Nipple Correction FAQs

This procedure aims to correct the appearance of inverted nipples by releasing the short ducts and preventing inversion from re-occurring. It allows for natural projection.

If your nipples come out occasionally, your nipples require manipulation to evert them or your nipples do not come out at all.

Undergoing inverted nipple correction will likely lead to the permanent inability to breast feed.

The incision is made along the base of the nipple and spans approximately half the circumference of the base. Dr. Dawes will ensure you obtain the least visible scar.

Typically, you will need a few days off work to rest and recover (3-5 days post-op).

2 weeks for light exercise and 4-6 weeks for strenuous activity.

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