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With the advances made in technology and anesthesia, it is now possible to perform two or even three operations in the same sitting on one patient, and discharge them home after adequate recovery from anesthesia, which is usually quite rapid. Combining these procedures means the patient only has to undergo anesthesia once, and go through the recovery period once.

Pregnancy can be extremely hard on a woman’s body. It can leave her with a loose, stretched abdomen, sagging breasts, and excess fat and skin that she just can’t get rid of. There are some parts of the body that diet and exercise simply can’t restore to pre-pregnancy condition. That’s why Dr. Dawes offers the Mommy Makeover. Comprised of various body contouring techniques, the Mommy Makeover is customized for each patient.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

Many women who have finished having children are bothered by some of the physical changes in their body that can occur with childbirth and breast feeding. This usually presents as excess deflated skin in the abdomen and a loss of fullness to the breasts. The mommy makeover is a great way to boost self-confidence as it restores and enhances a woman’s figure to a more youthful, pre-pregnancy appearance.

A mommy makeover may be right for you if:

  • You have deflated breast size and shape following breastfeeding
  • You have drooping nipples and stretched out areolas
  • There is excess sagging abdominal skin and stretch marks
  • You are finished having kids
  • You are in good health and have a stable weight

Amongst the procedures that are most commonly done simultaneously are the following:

  • Tummy tuck and breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck and breast lift or augmentation
  • Breast augmentation and liposuction

Breast Lift

Women find that their breast tissue becomes stretched from the enlargement associated with pregnancy. While their breasts may be a pleasing size, the excess tissue causes them to have a saggy, unattractive appearance. To correct sagging, the excess tissue and fat is removed and the breast is lifted and reshaped providing a youthful appearance.

Breast Augmentation

For some women, the breasts lose volume and their attractive shape as a result of pregnancy and nursing. Other women decide that after having a child they are ready to have the breast volume they’ve always desired. The insertion of implants can increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts.

Tummy Tuck

To accommodate a growing baby, the abdominal muscles and skin rapidly stretch. This can ruin their elasticity, leaving them weak, and exercise does little to restore firmness. By tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess fat and skin, a more slender and toned midsection is created. Tummy tuck surgery also removes stretch marks that are below the belly button.


The body adds fat during pregnancy to prepare for the baby. Afterward, stubborn fat deposits can remain that diet and exercise can’t seem to remove. Problem areas may include the buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, and bra line. By removing excess fat deposits, problem areas are sculpted to have more pleasant contours.

Recovery Expectations

You can expect moderate discomfort of the breast, which should gradually improve over 3-4 days. Swelling to the breasts usually subsides after three weeks, but can persist longer. If you have implants, they may ‘ride high’ on the chest wall. This is normal. It may take several weeks for the implants to ‘drop’ into place as the skin and muscle stretch to accommodate your new breast implants. You can expect moderate discomfort and tightness in your abdominal area, which should gradually improve over about one week. Over this time, your ability to stand up straight will also improve. If your job keeps you sedentary, you may plan on returning to work in 10-14 days, with the understanding that you may still have discomfort with motion. You will need to avoid lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for 6 weeks, and avoid any strenuous exercise and activities for 6 weeks.


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