What can a laser treatment do for you?

man in laser safety goggles in spa salon Medicine has come a long way since the days of leeches and no anesthesia. Oftentimes, a surgical incision doesn’t even have to be made to perform an important procedure – lasers can do the job without even breaking the skin. And lasers are useful for cosmetic purposes, too – read on to see what a laser treatment can do for you!

What are lasers used for in cosmetic procedures?

You no longer have to worry about the discomfort and hassle that can come with the more old-fashioned ways of doing things. Lasers can be used for:

• Skin care. Lasers can be used to remove thin layers of skin to help stimulate collagen growth, tighten underlying skin, reduce fine lines, and to treat skin damaged from the sun or skin with scarring. They can also be used to reduce acne scars and to get rid of bacteria that causes acne.

• Vein removal. Lasers can break up unsightly spider veins, broken capillaries, visible vessels, and vascular lesions, and they can even help to treat redness and rosacea.

• Hair removal. Who wants the hassle and expense of always having to deal with unwanted hair? Laser hair removal is quick, efficient, and comfortable.

What happens after a laser procedure?

You don’t have to deal with the pain and time spent healing that comes with a surgical procedure, but your skin may be a bit irritated after your laser treatment. After your treatment, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible, and wear lots of sunscreen and wear protective clothing if you do go outside. You should avoid using any exfoliants or harsh cleansers on your skin, and use aloe vera (or whatever your doctor recommends) to help your skin feel moisturized and cool and to reduce any inflammation. And, your doctor may have specific instructions for you depending on which procedure you get; for instance, if you have laser vein removal, you’ll have to avoid vigorous activity for 24 hours afterward.

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