What You Should Know About Spider Veins

The concept of varicose disease and medicine. Although spider veins typically appear later in life, they can actually occur at any time. If you have noticed spider veins lately, you may be wondering if they are something you should worry about – and you also may be wondering how you can get rid of them!

What are spider veins?

Spider veins got their name because they are thin lines that branch out and can resemble spider webs. They may be blue, red, or purple, and they form when veins become weakened or damaged.

Women are more likely than men to have spider veins, because a woman’s shifting hormone levels can weaken vein walls. Other risk factors for spider veins are obesity, a family history of spider veins, and years of standing or sitting for long periods of time. For many people, they are also just a natural part of aging.

Spider veins are different than varicose veins, which bulge out from the skin.

Are spider veins dangerous?

Whereas varicose veins can be quite painful and can indicate that there might be a serious underlying medical issue, spider veins are usually nothing to worry about, although they can be quite unsightly.

What can you do about spider veins?

To prevent spider veins and to keep them from getting worse, you should, as always, take care of yourself! Get regular exercise, always wear plenty of sunscreen, and avoid sitting or standing for too long – take breaks by walking around every half hour or so.

There are also treatments available to deal with spider veins. In laser vein therapy, laser pulses are sent into the vein. The blood in the vein coagulates, which destroys the blood vessel and causes the spider vein to disappear. This treatment typically takes less than an hour and is painless. Both men and women may want to use laser vein therapy to get rid of spider veins on the legs, face, neck, and chest.

Spider veins are harmless, but that doesn’t mean you want to live with them. Call the office of Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, FRCSC Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery in Calgary to discuss laser vein therapy. Call (403) 571-3141 today!

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