Recovery From Your Tummy Tuck

Doctor drawing lines on mans stomach with marker Results from a tummy tuck can be amazing – but you’ll want to keep in mind that there is some recovery time needed after the procedure. You will need to relax and pamper yourself (of course!), but here are some other tips for recovery!

What do I need to know about my recovery?

It is important that you don’t try to rush your recovery. You don’t want to apply any pressure to the abdomen, and you want to make sure that you rest to give your body a chance to recover.

Here are some other recovery tips:

• You might not be able to drive for 2 weeks after the procedure. Make sure you have someone to drive you home immediately after the surgery. You may need some help around the house during your recovery, too (especially if you have younger children).

• You should take short walks. You won’t be able to go far, and you will probably be hunched over, but moving around can help to get the healing process started.

• You should avoid heavy lifting for a while. You shouldn’t be doing any lifting, actually, or strenuous exercise for at least 6 weeks.

• You shouldn’t sleep on your stomach. Ideally you should sleep in a reclining position or on your back to avoid putting any sort of strain on your abdomen.

• You should watch what you eat and drink. Eating a healthy diet and staying away from alcohol can help to make sure that your recovery is quick (and don’t smoke, either).

• You should follow your doctor’s recovery instructions. Your doctor will have more specific things for you to do and not to do. Make sure you follow these instructions to avoid any complications and to ensure a healthy recovery.

A toned and contoured tummy can be difficult to achieve, even if you live a healthy lifestyle. Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, FRCSC Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery in Calgary can help you to decide if a tummy tuck is the answer for you, and he can also let you know what to expect during your recovery. Call (403) 571-3141 for a tummy tuck consultation today!

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