5+ Things You Should Know About Brachioplasty

beautiful sexy girl models in a bikini on the sea shore of a tropical island with palm leaf The first thing you should know about brachioplasty is that it is the medical term for the removal of the excess skin and fat on the back of the arms (the triceps area). The second thing you should know is that it is a great option if you’ve tried everything to get rid of that excess tissue and nothing has worked. Read on for other things you should know about this popular procedure!

Getting rid of flabby arms

You may have just noticed that your upper arms are looking flabby, or maybe it is something that has been bothering you for years now. Here are some facts about flabby arms and what you can do to get rid of them:

1. There are simple exercises you can do at home to tone your arms, but as we age it can be more and more difficult to get rid of that fat. And if you do manage to get rid of it, the excess skin remains; brachioplasty can help.

2. The upper arms can begin to sag as early as our 30s, as our skin loses elasticity. This can be the result of carrying extra weight (or having lost a lot of extra weight), but it can also be because of genetics, hormones, or UV radiation damage. (You should always take care of your skin and wear sunscreen, but this is yet another reason to.)

3. You should be at a stable, healthy weight before considering brachioplasty. You should be healthy, a nonsmoker, with no underlying medical problems that can impede the healing process.

4. You don’t have to worry about scarring after the procedure – the surgical incision can be made in a way that it is difficult to see. In the procedure, the excess skin and fat are removed and the area is toned and contoured.

5. While you can always gain more weight and find yourself with flabby arms again, if you take care of yourself, brachioplasty results can be very long lasting.

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