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Glo Skin Beauty – Shadow Palette


Shadow Palette Options

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Personalize your eye color play with eight vibrant mattes and metallics available in our Eye Shadow Palettes. Infused with Vitamins C, E and Green Tea Extract, these velvety high-pigment mineral shadows offer long wearability and incredible dimension.

Shadow Palette Options

Elemental Eye, Mixed Metals, Moonstruck, The Velvets

Product Features

  • Each Shade Is Buildable; Keep Coverage Sheer or Apply Additional Layers to Increase Color Intensity
  • Use Several Different Colors to Create the Perfect Custom Look
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Size: 7.6 g / 0.27 oz.
  • Elemental Shadow Palette Shade Descriptions:
    • Adobe: Soft Warm Brown
    • Breathless: Pink Champagne
    • Bubbly: Warm Petal Pink
    • Cosmic: Cool Matte Taupe
    • Dusk: Soft Metallic Gray
    • Eclipse: Deep Matte Black
    • Henna: Matte Redd Brown
    • Relic: Cool Mid-toned Brown
  • The Velvets Shadow Palette Shade Descriptions:
    • Bamboo: Soft Matte Cream
    • Devine: Deep Smoky Brown
    • Empire: Brilliant Champagne
    • Framework: Warm Brick
    • Mirage: Blushed Bronze
    • Penny: Metallic Red Brown
    • Scarlet: Rich Matte Burgundy
    • Suede: Light Matte Brown
  • Mixed Metals Shadow Palette Shade Descriptions:
    • Alabaster: Softest Peach
    • Chrome: Silver Nickel
    • Diamond: Bright Pearl
    • Dolce: Matte Caramel
    • Ember: Metallic Copper
    • Locket: Peach Champagne
    • Mahogany: Deep Reddish Brown
    • Smoke: Matte Stone Gray
  • Moonstruck Shadow Palette Shade Descriptions:
    • Espresso: Black/Brown
    • Fate: Deepest Metallic Purple
    • Frolic (Former Banana): Soft Buttercream
    • Mesmerize: Metallic Taupe
    • Muse: Metallic Lilac
    • Mystic: Matte Plum
    • Ribbon: Pale Pink Shimmer
    • Vintage: Matte Mauv

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