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Glo Skin Beauty – Lip Gloss


Lip Gloss Options

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Lip Gloss adds a subtle to vibrant color and shine without the stickiness. This high-shine formula contains antioxidants, lip conditioners and mineral pigments that deliver nourishing color and shine with a sweet mint scent.

Lip Gloss Options

Beloved, Brown Sugar, Cupcake, Desert Bloom, Dollface, Flamingo, Naked, On the Rocks, Peony, Pink Blossom, Plum Glaze, Plumberry, Prism, Pueblo, Secret Agent, Slipper, Star Struck, Sweetspot, Taffy, Whisper

Product Features

  • Coverage Ranges from Sheer, to Semi-Sheer, to Opaque
  • Glides on Smooth; No Stickiness
  • Create the Illusion of Full, Pouty Lips by Applying a Small Dab to the Center of the Lips and Blend Outward
  • Layer over Lipstick, Suede Matte Crayon or Precision Lip Pencil for Added Shine and Staying Power
  • Mix Different Lip Gloss Shades Together to Customize the Color
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Lip Gloss Shade Descriptions:
    • Beloved: Opaque Warm Neutral Rose
    • Brown Sugar: Sheer Shimmery Toasted Bronze
    • Cupcake: Semi-Sheer Light Cool Pink
    • Desert Bloom: Sheer Plum Wine
    • Dollface: Semi-Sheer Mid-Toned Pink
    • Flamingo: Opaque Electric Watermelon
    • Naked: Semi-Sheer Peach Nude
    • On the Rocks: Sheer Brilliant Silver Shimmer
    • Peony: Sheer Pink Coral
    • Pink Blossom: Sheer Shimmery Soft Cool Pink
    • Plumberry: Opaque Deep Plum
    • Plum Glaze: Opaque Shimmery Rose Gold
    • Prism: Semi-Sheer Shimmery Peach Champagne
    • Pueblo: Opaque Warm Nude
    • Secret Agent: Sheer Deep Nude
    • Slipper: Sheer Shimmery Soft Warm Pink
    • Star Struck: Sheer Brilliant Gold Shimmer
    • Sweetspot: Semi-Sheer Deep Watermelon
    • Taffy: Semi-Sheer Bright Coral
    • Whisper: Sheer Soft Modern Mauve

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