CoolSculpting® FAQ’s

How much fat is removed per treatment?

Typically, fat will be reduced by up to 20% per treatment.

When can I expect results?

While some patients may see results as early as 3 weeks after their session, maximal results are usually achieved by 12 weeks.

How will I know if a 2nd treatment will be required?

When possible, Dr. Dawes and/or one of his certified CoolSculpting technicians will tell you if they think a second treatment in a given area will likely be necessary. Generally, you will start to see results after 4 weeks, with maximal results seen at 12 weeks. If adequate changes are not seen by around 8 weeks, a second treatment may be recommended.

Will I have bruising?

Bruising may occur and be present for up to 3 weeks.

Is it painful?

Some patients may experience some discomfort for the first 10 or so minutes as the skin and fat is pulled into the applicator, but this will typically subside after about 10 minutes once the skin starts to cool.

Will the area feel numb after treatment?

Occasionally, patients may feel numbness in the area treated. While this may last days-months, it is most certainly only temporary.

How many cycles will I need?

Dr. Dawes will determine how many cycles you will require, as well as whether he thinks more than one treatment will be necessary for a given area. For an abdomen, for example, 4-6 cycles are typically required for a single treatment. 2-4 for the flanks and 1-2 for the inner arms, thighs and saddlebag areas

How long does each cycle take?

Each treatment area requires one ‘cycle’, which takes approximately one hour.

Where can I find out more about CoolSculpting?

For more information, including how CoolSculpting works, real patient testimonials, etc., go to



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