What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a common disorder that results in an increase in the size of male breast tissue. It is a very common condition, affecting up to 70% of adolescent boys and a smaller portion of grown adults. While there are many causal factors, gynecomestia is thought to occur due to an imbalance in the ratio of estrogens (female hormones) and androgens (male hormones). While there are several known reasons as to why this may occur (some medications, marijuana, tumors, liver or kidney failure, etc.), the cause is unknown in up to 25% of cases. Regardless the problem can be socially debilitating for patients and may decrease their overall quality of life.

Sometimes, identifying the causative factor may help to relieve the symptoms of gynecomastia. Often however, surgery Is required.Typically, surgery for gynecomastia is performed by making an incision under the bottom-half of each nipple. The breast tissue is then removed (occasionally with adjuvant liposuction) and the incised wound is irrigated and closed. The result is a flatter, more contoured chest area. The duration of the procedure is usually around 2 hour. and recovery is 3-6 weeks, although most may work after-1 week. A compression garment is supplied along with product along with instructional support around how to optimize wound healing to get the best scar possible.

Overall, gynecomastia is a correctable problem, requiring surgical intervention. Results are typically excellent. For more information, you may contact gynecomastia.org, or visit the gynecomastia page on our website.

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