8 Things You Should Know About Botox

Beauty woman healthy skin fresh clean beautiful face By now we’ve all heard about Botox, and we all probably know at least one person who has had the procedure. Have you been considering Botox? Do you have questions? Here is a list of things you should know about Botox!

Facts about Botox

1. Botox is a neurotoxin, and although this sounds like something out of a James Bond movie it is actually very safe in the right hands. It works by blocking signals between nerves and muscles, which keeps muscles from contracting, which relaxes wrinkles. Botox has been in use for decades and has been used on countless numbers of patients. Another common injectable is Xeomin, which works in a way similar to Botox, by preventing muscle contraction.

2. Botox is noninvasive and nonsurgical, perfect for those who aren’t quite ready for a surgical facelift just yet.

3. Botox can be used with other procedures to get the results you’d like to see.

4. It only takes a few minutes to have Botox injections. There is no downtime – you can get back to your regular activities as soon as you leave your doctor’s office (although you should wait to do anything strenuous such as going to the gym).

5. The effects of Botox can last as long as 6 months, and once they wear off you can get more Botox.

6. It is normal to be bruised after your Botox injections. It should fade within a few days, after which you’ll notice the effects of the injections. It may take as long as 2 weeks to see the final effects.

7. Patients report there is very little pain involved in Botox injections. It typically only feels like a little pinch.

8. Botox has some important medical uses, too – it can help with chronic migraines and excessive sweating, for instance.

Another thing you should know about Botox is that patients love it. When at-home creams and serums don’t do anything to erase wrinkles but you just aren’t ready for plastic surgery yet, Botox may be the answer for you! Call Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD, FRCSC Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery in Calgary for an appointment, at (403) 571-3141!

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