What To Expect During Your Coolscultping Experience

Consultation & Assessment

During your Coolsculpting consultation, you will meet with Dr. Dawes or one of his certified Coolsculpting Technicians who will listen to your goals and devise an individualized treatment plan to help you lose those suborn fat bulges. The area(s) will be measured, your weight recorded and the estimated number of cycles determined for each area to be treated. The risks, benefits of and alternatives to the procedure will be explained in detail. Should you chose to go proceed, a consent will be presented for signature and photos of the proposed treatment areas are taken. While not all patients will meet with Dr. Dawes personally, all cases are reviewed with him individually and photos shown to ensure the patient is an adequate Coolsculpting candidate.

Ideal Coolsculpting candidates are those who:

  • Have relatively firm, elastic skin
  • Have mild to moderate ‘pinch-able’ fat deposits in area(s) of concern that do not respond to diet and exercise

The areas amenable to treatment include:

  • Under chin
  • Chest/breast area (men)
  • Stomach (upper/lower)
  • Upper back/bra fat
  • Lower back
  • Under bottom/ "banana roll" areas
  • Upper arms
  • Outer thighs/ "saddle bag" areas
  • Inner thighs
  • Inner knees

On the day of your procedure

On the day of your appointment you will arrive, have photos taken and be escorted into the Coolsculpting treatment room where a robe and slippers  are provided for your comfort. The appropriate-sized applicator is then applied over the previously marked area based on the amount of fat to be removed and the shape of your body as you are comfortably positioned on the treatment table. A thin pad coated with protective coupling gel is then placed on the treatment area and the Coolsculpting unit is powered on, drawing the fat between the cooling plates.  It  will feel tight and cold at first with this sensation gradually subsiding over the following few minutes. We then invite you to relax with one of our fresh teas and/or imported specialty waters while your hour-long treatment cycle takes place.  You will have a pager with you, to call the technicians should you have any questions or concerns. You may choose to do one treatment at a time, or several per day as your schedule permits.

Following your procedure

Once the applicator is removed, the cooled skin may look blanched and will temporarily retain the shape of the applicator. After a few minutes, it is gently massaged into its normal contour and the gel is cleaned from the treated area. The area will likely go from blanched to red. This may persist for a several hours post-treatment. Some bruising or numbness of the area may also occur, although this typically resolves after a few days.

Coolsculpting  Results


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