Following Your Surgery

What to expect after your MOHS Surgery.

Upon leaving the surgical facility, patients are provided the following:

  • Post-operative instructions
  • A number to call Dr. Dawes or one of his qualified nursing staff 24/7
  • Post-operative medications (if applicable)
  • Follow-up instructions
  • Information on adequate sunscreen protection


What if I have questions or concerns after the procedure?
Upon completion of the procedure, patients are provided with written instructions for wound care, along with a phone number to call 24/7 with questions or concerns. Alternatively, patients may book an appointment to see Dr. Dawes on an urgent basis to have their questions answered.
Where will I go for follow-up?
Usually, patients will return to the Mohs surgical facility for their follow-up appointment.
How often will I have to return for follow-up?
Generally, patients are asked to return for follow-up at six weeks and again at three months following their Mohs procedure and reconstruction. Specific instructions are provided for patients following their procedure(s).
Who will monitor my skin for skin cancer afterwards?
For ongoing skin monitoring after skin cancer, patients are instructed to see their referring dermatologist. Patients without a dermatologist (i.e. those referred directly by a family physician) will be provided a referral.
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