Buttocks Lift

Restore or gain a more natural look

Aging, weight fluctuations and genetics can sometimes lead to the drooping and sagging appearance of the buttocks. Exercise may help strengthen and tone this area, but will not affect the lost elasticity, weakened tissue or localized fat deposits. Dr. Dawes can perform an buttocks lift to reduce excess skin and fat between the thigh and buttocks by raising and tightening the skin. The result is smoother skin and contours, and a more toned and proportionate appearance of the buttocks.

Is it right for me?

As with other cosmetic procedures, buttocks lift surgery is a personal decision. It should be done only to help you feel positive about your appearance rather than to fit a particular image or ideal.

Good candidates for buttocks lift surgery are individuals who:

  • Individuals with loss of skin elasticity in the buttock area due to extreme weight loss or aging
  • Individuals with thighs that are crinkled, dimpled or flabby due to lack of exercise or cellulite
  • Are healthy, with no underlying medical conditions or illness which may impair healing
  • Are non-smokers

How buttocks lift surgery is performed

An buttocks lift reduces excess sagging skin, helps smooth underlying tissue, and reduces localized pockets of fat. During this procedure, Dr. Dawes makes an incision at the waist or slightly below the waist. After the incision or incisions are made, excess skin and fat is detached from the soft tissue and removed. The skin is then tightened and closed in layers.

The length and pattern of the incision vary, depending on the amount and location of the excess skin. Incisions are closed with absorbable sutures or stitches that are removed within one to two weeks.

Recovery expectations

Recovery can take about three to four weeks. While still subject to the aging process, the results of buttocks lift surgery can be long lasting, assuming that a stable weight and general fitness are maintained.

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