Whether through surgical or non-surgical means, a consultation is an important first step in refining, restoring or enhancing your appearance.

Typically, your consultation begins with an introduction to our practice by a member of our staff, where you will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and provide a medical history (if not previously provided online). You will then meet Dr. Dawes for an individualized, comprehensive evaluation. If examined, you will be given time to disrobe in private. For your comfort, a member of our staff will be present with Dr. Dawes throughout your examination. Following your examination, clinical photographs are taken for your patient records. Dr. Dawes will then offer individualized recommendations regarding the best treatment options available to you in a way that will allow you to make a confident, well-informed decision.

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Do I need to schedule surgery at my consultation?
No. You may schedule surgery at any time. Surgeon fees presented at the time of your consultation are valid for six months from the consultation date.
What if I have questions after my consultation?
You may contact our office at any time after your consultation with questions. You may schedule a second consultation with no additional charge.  One week prior to surgery, you will be contacted by our office to review the pre-operative plan and answer any last minute questions.
Must I undergo photographs?
Photographs are optional. However, photographs are an important part of your patient record and also serve as a reference for Dr. Dawes throughout the course of your care. You will sign a consent form specific for photographs that will also allow you to choose whether they are to remain a private part of your patient record, or whether you will allow Dr. Dawes to use them for education and/or research purposes. If coming for a facial consultation, makeup should be kept to a minimum to allow Dr. Dawes to more effectively evaluate your natural appearance, both before and after surgery.
Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my consultation?
You may elect to bring a friend or family member to support you during your consultation. It is important to keep in mind however, that the decision to undergo treatment is one that must be self-directed. You should allow no-one to make your decision for you.
Is there a fee for an aesthetic consultation?
A $100 fee is applied for all initial aesthetic consultations. However, the overall cost of the procedure will be adjusted by the same amount should you decide to schedule a procedure.


Your Surgical Experience

Before and after your surgery

One week prior to surgery, our office will call you to review your pre-operative instructions and answer any additional questions.

On the day of surgery, you will arrive to the surgical centre approximately one hour prior to your procedure. You will meet with Dr. Dawes, the anesthetist and the recovery room staff. We will review your surgical plan, provide you with an opportunity to ask any last-minute questions and help you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Following your surgery, you can expect to remain in the recovery room for two to four hours. During this time, you will be under the care of qualified, compassionate nursing staff who will administer appropriate medications and prepare you to be released home under the care of another responsible adult.

You will see Dr. Dawes before you are released from the surgical facility. At that time, you and your caregiver will be provided with a post-op recovery checklist. On the evening of your procedure, Dr. Dawes, or one of his qualified staff, will call or visit you to evaluate your progress and recovery. You will also be given a 24-hour contact number should you have any urgent questions or concerns.

Depending on the procedure, Dr. Dawes will perform surgery at one of the following fully-accredited surgical facilities:

  • Minor procedures may be performed at the Minor Surgery Clinic at the Foothills Medical Centre, or at the Rockyview Professional Centre at Surgical Centres Incorporated.
  • Aesthetic outpatient procedures will be performed at Surgical Centres Incorporated in Bowness or at the Rockyview Professional Centre.
  • Larger reconstructive outpatient procedures will be performed at the Foothills Medical Centre.

Realistic expectations

An appropriate candidate is one with realistic expectations, overall good health, a positive self-image, and a well-developed reason for pursuing a particular plastic surgery procedure. He or she will understand that while improving a particular trait may enhance their self-image, it may not improve their overall quality of life.

The risks associated with each procedure vary, and will be thoroughly discussed with you during consultation and again prior to scheduling surgery.

Significant factors that may help to minimize your risks include ensuring that:

  • You are an appropriate candidate for plastic surgery
  • Your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and proper credentials
  • The surgery will be performed at a fully-accredited surgical centre or hospital
  • You will follow all pre- and post-operative instructions, including no smoking



What does it mean for a surgical facility to be accredited?
Accreditation is a review process by a governing body that determines whether a surgical facility meets specific standards of safety and operations. All of the facilities in which Dr. Dawes operates are fully accredited.
Is plastic surgery covered by insurance?
Typically, reconstructive surgery is covered by Alberta Health Care insurance, while aesthetic surgery is not. For both, there are exceptions where all or part of a procedure may or may not be covered by Alberta Health & Wellness.
What is the difference between Aesthetic (Cosmetic) and Reconstructive Surgery?
Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve a healthy, normal and/or functioning part of the body. The goal of reconstructive surgery is to restore normal appearance or function in correction of an abnormality caused by disease, trauma, infection or a birth defect.
Can I finance my plastic surgery?
Yes. Information for third-party financing is available upon request. More information on payment policies.
How long will my recovery take?
Every person and every procedure is different. Details regarding your recovery will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. This may include how you will feel, post-operative medications, and how to treat your incisions, as well as what you can and should not do during your recovery.
What if I think that I may be experiencing a complication?
Complications, while infrequent, can occasionally occur. Prior to leaving the surgical facility, you will be provided with a list of signs and symptoms that could indicate a potential complication. A 24-hour contact number will be provided should you have any concerns.
When will I see Dr. Dawes again after my surgery?
Ideally, Dr. Dawes would like to see you within two weeks following your surgery. This appointment will be pre-arranged before your procedure. Follow-up will continue at varying intervals for up to one year to allow your body to settle and your scars to mature. During these visits, photographs will be taken to allow for a serial evaluation of your results.
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