Our Coolsculpting Expertise

Expertise and Education

While there are several applicators designed to fit different areas and accommodate various shapes and sizes, not all patients are good candidates for Coolsculpting. Some, for instance, may do better with liposuction, surgery or even a combination of two or even all three modalities. During the consultation and assessment process Dr. Dawes will utilize his many years of education and training to help our certified Coolsculpting experts determine which modality (or combination of modalities) is best suited for you in order to help you to lose those fat bulges and feel your best, regardless of your body shape. His was the first and now only one of two Calgary practices offering both Coolsculpting as well as liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures or services, to ensure an individualized treatment plan that is exactly right for you.

Coolsculpting Technicians

Both our Coolsculpting Technicians are certified, having taken extended training directly with the manufacturer of the device at Coolsculpting University in San Francisco, California.  With this training, continuing education and by having direct medical specialist instruction by Dr. Dawes, they are competent in proper placement of the applicators and assessment for referral for consideration of a different, or more appropriate procedure.

What To Expect During Your Coolsculpting Experience 



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